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The services listed below are currently under offer or under preparation. Those who are interested in these services, please sign up. We invite those who are involved in these services to join us as our partners for providing of these services, and also further research, development and application of these services as part our organization.


Publishing services is available for academic authors in the fields related to technology and soft sciences with economic interests. This would include journals, magazines, ebooks, audiobooks, multimedia etc. This service will be done in non-profit basis for academic authors. Eventually all possible academic subjects will be included.


Businesses can make avail of various range of our services including: Research, analysis, consultancy, information and advisory related to management, organization and finance; brand evaluation; employee training and certification services; and public relations research and consultancy, etc. Please click here for more information.


Academic institutions related services will be made on a non-profit basis. They will include: Curriculum design, teacher training and certification, student training and evaluation, etc.

Training, tools and certification

Comprehensive training will be provided for both academic and business employees. Education testing and certification will be provided. Computer software and multimedia for learning and training will be provided and also sold independently. Training also will be given through video conference and interactive online services.

Family and Parenting

Counselling services will be given for family, parenting related issues.


Membership services will be available for professionals. Membership package will include training and certification services, subscription to our publications, and conferences, all at discounted price etc.

Government Services

Governments can avail many of our services such as: Communal, business and educational environment analysis, employee training and certification, public policy research and consultancy, etc.

Interfacing Services

Interaction among government, academic and business organizations are integral part of healthy economy. UNITESERVE will provide interfacing services between these various entities.

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