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Welcome to the website for UNITESERVE™, a business organization for economic transformation and Management. Economic transformation focuses on transforming industries by providing framework, RND support, feedback and marketing through participating partners. Economic Management involves 1) collecting social and economic data, do data analysis and providing feedback information for organizations to stabilize productivity, 2) support for investors in ensuring the performance of member organizations.

Economic transformation involves the transformation of industries by promotion and application of cutting edge scientific and technological developments. The industries in order of priority are education, health and business. Educational industry will be the first target as it is the foundation of everything else. UNITESERVE™ will operate through extensive promotion and partnering with individuals and organizations who are already involved in its project goals. Education being the highest priority currently and the focus will be on addressing issues all the way from 'infancy to employment or entrepreneurship'.

One of the aims of UNITESERVE™ is to balance relational and technological components in any human endeavor. In today’s world, economic advancement and competitiveness of a locality, a nation or an entity such as business or academic organization requires mastery of all aspects of these two. This means balancing the utilization of human sciences. In this site human sciences stands for social sciences such as sociology, economics, etc. and behavioral sciences such as psychology, social psychology, etc. and physical sciences, which relate to relational and technological aspects respectively. For this, UNITESERVE™ aims to provide services to all economic sectors to help them in the balancing process as an integral activity of economic advancement. The organization will promote research, development and application of human sciences which seem to lag behind physical sciences in helping economic productivity.

UNITESERVE™ aims to assist communities by working with the local businesses, governments, academic, and social groups. There are numerous projects to be taken in this regard around the world.The organization is newly formed, and it is in the process of being built. A robust business plan has been charted out, and the organization will systematically evolve through its implementation in the next few years.

UNITESERVE™ involves a unique global corporate structure that is in the process of being created. The founding entities associated with the organization are UNITESERVE BUSINESS Inc. (Delaware Corp, USA), UNITESERVE Ltd. (England, UK), UNITESERVE PVT Ltd (INDIA). The structure and organization of these entities are under research. More information will be provided soon.

Promotional events, networking, employment opportunities, business partnerships, and research collaborations are to be announced. Please read through our projects and services to know about various activities to be carried on. Individuals and organizations who are interested are encouraged to register in this website and fill up the profile section. Also follow us through our social media pages for new developments. Engagement with UNITESERVE™ as a volunteer, partner, or an employee for any duration will be useful to anybody in both personal and professional life. So welcome again and thank you for your time!

Suresh K Maran
Chief Global Organizer

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