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There are many projects relating to the below list of topics that are under development, all focused on around technological and relational aspects to promote economic growth, competitiveness and people well being. Many of the projects will lead to development of individual, business and educational evaluation, training and support services. Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Students/Graduates, Companies or Organizations are invited to participate in the process and later become service providers, partners or clients. Those who are interested can register with us and complete the profile section. Funding will be available soon for those who will be invited to participate in these research projects. More information will be posted soon.

Research Activities

The below list will be the focus of long term research activity. We invite researchers working in those areas to work with us to accelerate research and put together effective learning material to be used for training purposes. We would like you to participate in creating research teams at various places around the world and work together to fund raise through grants and donations.

Relational Related activities:

  • Research and Application of Science of Relationship Phenomena
  • Self and Relationship Management training for Individual, Groups and Organizations
  • Interfacing Academic, Business and Government Organizations
  • Scientific Foundations of Fields coming under Human Sciences including behavioral, social sciences and economics
  • Tackling Socio-Economic Issues
  • Promoting International Relations
  • Promoting Family
  • Improving Healthcare Services

Technology Related activities as applied to educational Industry as current focus:

  • Promoting Basic Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Data Sciences
  • Educational, Business and Financial Management
  • Virtual Reality and Augment Reality

Student Activity

Academic institutes are the best places to promote and learn both technical and relational skills that are needed for economic growth. We invite students, academicians, etc., in schools, colleges, to take initiative in organizing activities on balancing technical and relational skills. We will provide all possible support that is listed in the last paragraph relating to communal activities. Please contact us and signup with us for the availability of support.

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